China-Europe Media Cooperation: China Media Group pledges more content-sharing with European partners

CGTN| 2020-12-14 15:09:00|Editor: Wang Xiaoyu
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CGTN's parent company, China Media Group, has promised to share more content with its European partners. The two sides issued a joint statement during a forum today, here in Beijing. They are also planning more personnel exchanges. Huang Yue reports.

During the European Media Partners Cooperation Online Forum Thursday, President and Editor-in-Chief of China Media Group Shen Haixiong put forward three proposals on the current media situation.

SHEN HAIXIONG President, Editor-in-Chief China Media Group "First, we should deepen cooperation in reporting COVID-19 responses; Second, we should promote the exchange of personnel between media organizations; Third, we should strengthen the construction of our cooperation mechanism."

In his speech, Shen said China and Europe share common interests in enhancing the global response to the coronavirus. He called for fulfilling media organizations' responsibilities as public information disseminators.

He said credible news sources and information are especially important during the pandemic, and China Media Group has provided multilingual news materials and live broadcast signals to foreign media companies since the pandemic began.

President of Reuters Michael Friedenberg echoed Shen's ideas. He said media organizations around the world should recognize the power of partnerships in the new media ecosystem.

MICHAEL FRIEDENBERG President of Reuters "This can take the form of collaborative journalism, industry coalitions, new commercial business opportunities, content-sharing or shared platforms. Our entire industry is facing the same challenges. We have an opportunity by coming together."

China Media Group agreed to share financial news content and other news materials with European partners, under deals they signed Thursday. The Group and European News Exchange also announced a jointly-produced business show.

HUANG YUE Beijing "China Media Group has signed cooperation deals with more than 110 media organizations in 32 European countries. During the forum, the group's president invited European partners to visit China and report on what's happening here. But during the pandemic, content-sharing is one way for audiences around the world to hear about Chinese stories. Huang Yue, CGTN, Beijing."