Statement by All-China Journalists Association on Australian Authorities Searches of Four Chinese Journalists

ACJA| 2020-09-10 22:32:39|Editor: Zhang Shuang
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In late June, Australian intelligence agency raided the homes of four journalists from Chinese media outlets including Xinhua News Agency, China Media Group and China News Service, interrogating them, seizing their computers and mobile phones, and even told them not to report the search actions. So far, the Australian side has not yet provided reasonable explanation for searching these journalists or returned all seized items. The acts of the Australian authorities seriously disrupt the normal reporting activities of Chinese media in Australia, grossly violates their legitimate rights and interests, and causes serious damage to the physical and mental health of the journalists and their families. All-China Journalists Association expresses great indignation, strong condemnation and resolute opposition against such barbaric acts of Australian authorities.

For long, the Australia-stationed Chinese media agencies and journalists strictly abide local laws and regulations while conducting news report under the principles of seeking truth precisely in an objective and fair stance. They have worked hard and played a positive role in promoting China-Australia mutual understanding, exchanges and cooperation in various fields. The barbaric behavior is serious infringement of the rights of Chinese journalists, which fully exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of 'freedom of the press" and "respect and protection of human rights" as chanted by some in Australia.

We strongly urge the Australian authorities to abandon the outdated Cold War thinking and ideologic bias, immediately stop harassing and oppressing Chinese journalists in Australia, correct its wrongdoings, give reasonable explanation of such acts, and restore the reputation of the Chinese journalists. We also urge the Australian side to ensure the safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese journalists in Australia, and stop doing anything that obstructs people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.