“IndomitableSpirit” Micro-Video/Photo Wanted From Global Netizens

ACJA| 2020-04-22 19:22:49|Editor: Wang Xiaoyu
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All nations are now combating COVID-19, with citizens worldwide showing bravery, optimism, humanity and“LOVE”. Most memorably, we‘ve seen a Japanese girl singing a virus-fighting melody on the street, American convenience store staff delivering food supplies to rural seniors by sled, an Italian man playing the saxophone on the balcony to keep neighbors in high spirits, as well as many others. Isolation in distance does not mean isolation in love. We are Indomitable Humans. We will never be beaten by the virus.

The Belt and Road Journalists Network, together with CRI Online, are cooperatively launching a micro-video project named “IndomitableSpirit”. We are calling for interesting, heartwarming stories from around the world that demonstrate the international fight against COVID-19. The project will ensure that these wonderful moments are never forgotten. You should submit yours without hesitation. The winner will receive, among other things, a trip to China.

Below are the work requirements:

1. Theme:


2. Submission:

①Email: indomitablespirit@qq.com

②Other submission platforms: Facebook, Twitter, VK with the hashtag #IndomitableSpirit

3. Format:

①Micro-videos must be in MP4 format. Both landscape and portrait are accepted. Videos under 1 minute are preferable.

②Photos must be in JPG format, accompanied by a brief description (in Chinese or English).

4.The selection process:

A judging panel, upholding the principles of openness and fairness, will review all submissions. 10 of the most outstanding works will be selected. The winners will receive a certificate and be invited on a trip to China.

5.Further Information:

①The organizer has the right to use or authorize a third party to use the work free of charge.

②The work must be original. Should copyright issues emerge, the organizer will not be held responsible.

③Please attach the contributor’s real name and contact information. We will contact the contributor should any issues arise.

④The work should have a clear theme and focus on optimism. There must be no reference to politics, religion, and racial issues. ⑤If you want to submit your work but do not want to participate in the selection process for a prize, please indicate this on your work when submitting.

⑥Contributors will not be charged for submission.

6.Contact number of the organizer:


Belt and Road Journalists Network, CRI Online

April 2020