CMG journalist in Zimbabwe offers insight into the fight against COVID-19

CGTN| 2020-03-03 10:23:35|Editor: 王小玉
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Countries in Africa have stepped up measures and enhanced their capacity to test people for the novel coronavirus.

Health authorities around the continent have bolstered their surveillance and readiness to tackle the deadly virus, including the imposition of stricter health measures at ports of entry.

The continent has received help from China, which has been open and transparent with regards to disseminating information about the virus.

China's open information dissemination has served to better inform the world about the virus and also helped deal with the influx of misinformation passed around by some media.

China Media Group (CMG) has also been at the forefront, informing people across the world about the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent fight.

CMG has collaborated with various media outlets across Africa to reach more people with the factual information and debunk false data.

In Zimbabwe, CMG journalist Gao Junya attended a radio talk show at Capitalk 100.4 FM to give insights into the fight against the COVID-19.

She outlined the Chinese government's efforts in tackling the virus and its spread, and the results that have been realized so far.