CGTN global media summit overview

CGTN| 2019-12-05 16:00:25|Editor: Wang Xiaoyu
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CGTN launches its own Think Tank Wednesday in Beijing. It brings together leaders from world media and digital tech companies, who have already gathered for the third Global Media Summit and 9th Video Media Summit. They addressed tech challenges to the media industry.

Co-hosted by CGTN and its content provider CCTV+ and CGTNC, the summit welcomes 300 people from dozens of media organizations, tech enterprises and think tanks from around the world.

President Shen Haixiong of China Media Group called on global media outlets to work for constructive contributions to global governance and human development. "Facing this complicated world, the function of global media should be constructive, not destructive. Media groups should push forward integration, instead of intensifying disputes," Shen said.

That idea is supported by other media leaders at the summit. Vipp Jaswal, head of International Affairs of Fox News Channel says global media should work together. "Only problem is media industry they fight with each other so as a result you have this fake news concept but we need to be together that giving more integrity of the info," said Jaswal.

The CGTN Think Tank was launched at the summit and witnessed by 27 leaders from influential international think tanks. It aims to promote cooperation among global think tanks by building an open international platform for exchanges. It's welcomed by delegates from the political world.

"I sincerely hope and trust that the CGTN Think Tank, as a media institute, can not only develop guiding ideas to lead the trend, but also play an outstanding role in the process of deepening and expanding the "understanding of China and the world" by bringing together wise people from the world who care about China and the Chinese talents who are internationally-minded," said Zheng Bijian, chairman of China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy.

Yves Leterme, former Belgian Prime Minister said "CGTN and the CGTN think tank will provide good information and insight, well thought out analysis and debate. We, as Europeans, welcome this important initiative and look forward to the future activities of the CGTN think tank."

It's the third time that CGTN has hosted this summit. This year, experts are addressing the unprecedented digital tech challenges facing today's media. China Media Group said it has launched a "5G+4K/8K+AI" strategy to effectively drive new media's development. It's opened the country's first 4K channel and first 5G-based new media platform, some significant steps in its media convergence. Shen Haixiong said CMG might launch an 8K HD channel ahead of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Games.

CGTN said it's now available on Amazon Fire TV, with 24/7 LIVE content. The network's multi-lingual content will also be available on Microsoft News.

The Second Blue Book of Global Communicative Ecology was launched. Jointly produced by CCTV+ and Beijing Foreign Studies University, the annual report stresses the increasing convergence of "TMT" —Telecom, Media, Technology.

This year's Media Summit has for the first time featured a TV Documentary Screening Day, and the CGTN Producers' Choice Award was given to a documentary from Channel News Asia.

The summit points to the mountains that global media organizations must climb over - how to make use of 5G and other leading technologies, how to better address consumer needs, and how to hatch new platforms that suit the next generation of media ecology. But in the end, content is always at the core of what they have to offer.