China-South Asia Media Forum holds round table discussion on deepening cooperation, integrating innovation

Xinhuanet| 2019-06-14 16:45:25|Editor: An Xueqing
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YUXI, June 13 (Xinhuanet) -- A round table was held to discuss deepening media cooperation and integrating innovation at the China-South Asia Media Forum in Yuxi, southwest China's Yunnan Province on Tuesday.

Professionals and experts from the China Economic Net, National News Agency of Nepal, Yunnan Daily, The Week of India,, Yunnan Television, The News International of Pakistan as well as the Consul-General of Pakistan in Chengdu attended the discussion.

In the discussion, they agreed that China and South Asia countries can work together to promote regional inclusive development and integrate innovation to create a new prospect of interconnection and interoperability.

Wu Qingquan, Deputy Director of International Communication Center of Yunnan Daily, said it is important to play a role in diplomacy while creating a modern communication system.

“We do not just produce contents, but also play a role of diplomacy, keep enlarging our friend circle,” Wu Qingquan said.

On further regional cooperation, Wu added, “Under the current open and inclusive circumstance, we expect to work with the media from South Asia and Southeast Asia in all aspects, contributing to regional dialogue, communication and development.”

Prasannan Radhakrishnan, Chief of Bureau of The Week of India, stressed the inclusive cooperation and development among China and South Asia countries, especially in the compatible fields.

Turning to the unavoidable conflicts in some regions, Radhakrishnan expressed his confidence in the role of media.

He said, “media can play a significant role in eliminating misunderstanding and promote mutual-trust and mutual-understanding among these regions. ”

Zheng Wenhua, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of, pointed out that with the ever progress of technologies, such as artificial intelligence and 5G, new communication modes should be well managed with regards to content.

“To innovate and broaden the ways of international communication, mobile, social media and visualization should be well-managed in producing and delivering contents,” said Zheng.

To conclude the round table, host Liu Jiawen, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Xinhuanet, stressed the key role the forum played in promoting cooperation among countries, but also in enhancing the professionals.

“This forum will not only be conducive to the development and improvement of the participating media, but also be very helpful in promoting cooperation between China and south Asian countries, ” Liu said.