Constitution of All-China Journalists Association

ACJA| 2019-01-25 09:52:40|Editor: Wang Xiaoyu
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(Revised at the 1st Conference of the Ninth Council of All-China Journalists Association )

Chapter Ⅰ General Provisions

Article One All-China Journalists Association, a national people’s organization of the Chinese press under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, serves as a bridge between the Party, the Chinese government and the press.

Article Two The missions of All-China Journalists Association are leading Chinese journalists to closely unit around the Central Committee of the Party with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, using Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Theory of Three Represents, the Scientific Outlook on Development, and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as its guides to action, seriously implementing the spirit of the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping and his new vision, thinking, and strategies for the governance of China, undertaking the tasks of “holding high the banner to guide the direction, serving economic development as well as the overall national interests, uniting and encouraging the people, educating the public to gather strength, distinguishing right and wrong, connecting China with the rest of the world”, following the right political direction, guiding public opinion to the right path, embracing high news ideals, having the right work orientation, becoming politically determined, properly oriented, highly skilled, honest and credible to the Party and the people, fighting for the cause of socialist journalism with Chinese characteristics, and creating favorable public opinion for achieving the "two centenary" goals and the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation

Article Three All-China Journalists Association shall, in accordance with China’s Constitution and the law as well as this Constitution, independently provide training and services, urge self-discipline, carry out rights protection, commendations, communication, exchanges, cooperation and management, thereby serving as a home for journalists.

Article Four All-China Journalists Association shall firmly follow the path of socialist organizations with Chinese characteristics, strengthen its political consciousness, advanced nature, and orientation toward the people.

Chapter Ⅱ Missions

Article Five All-China Journalists Association shall carry out in-depth study and education on the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Marxist View of Journalism, journalistic spirits and ethics, conduct theoretical discussions and exchanges, and enhance journalists’ political awareness, big-picture awareness, core awareness, and the awareness of following the Party, so as to improve journalists’ theoretical capacity and professional skills at public opinion.

Article Six All-China Journalists Association shall cultivate a people-centered orientation, encourage journalists to go to grassroots units, transform the style of work, change the style of writing, thereby making journalism closer to reality, life, and the masses.

Article Seven All-China Journalists Association shall focus on the big picture and build platforms to provide media services and management during major events.

Article Eight All-China Journalists Association shall promote the self-discipline of the news industry, regulate journalists’ professional behaviors, play the role of Ethical Journalism Commission of All-China Journalists Association, improve the media social responsibility reporting system, and promote the formation of a long-term mechanism for the construction of journalistic ethics, guide journalists to practice socialist core values, promote journalistic professionalism, and abide by journalistic ethics, supervise journalists to abide by laws and regulations, Code of Ethics for Chinese Journalists, and Constitutions of Journalistic Ethics Committee of All-China Journalists Association to create a healthy and orderly environment for the news industry.

Article Nine All-China Journalists Association shall safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of news media and journalists, and report the opinions and demands of journalists, care for the physical and mental health of journalists, conduct journalist assistance programs and care for elderly journalists.

Article Ten All-China Journalists Association shall select outstanding works, journalists and units, build a platform to present the good social image of journalists, and cultivate prominent journalists, editors, commentators, announcers, anchors, and talents in management and communication skills.

Article Eleven All-China Journalists Association shall serve the grassroots, strengthen contact and exchanges with grassroots media outlets, appropriately provide more support to media outlets and journalists in poor areas, remote areas and ethnic minority areas to promote the development of grassroots journalism.

Article Twelve All-China Journalists Association shall contact emerging media institutions and establish operational mechanisms, strengthen contact, provide services and guidance to emerging media and journalists, and promote media integration.

Article Thirteen All-China Journalists Association shall carry out research, gather industry news, pay attention to new situations and problems in the development of journalism at home and abroad, provide reference to relevant departments for decision-making, provide news industry information services for the press and all sectors of society, and promote news industry management according to laws and regulations.

Article Fourteen All-China Journalists Association shall implement the “one country, two systems” policy, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with news organizations, media outlets, and journalists in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan, and effectively carry out its tasks in reception, services, and management so as to assist Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reporters in interviews.

It shall strengthen exchanges and cooperation with overseas Chinese news groups, media outlets and journalists.

Article Fifteen All-China Journalists Association shall implement an independent and peace foreign policy and play a unique role in creating favorable international public opinion. It shall develop friendly relations with international and regional news groups and national press circles to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation. It shall strengthen contacts with foreign journalists stationed in China and provide relevant services. It shall promote the development of international communication capabilities and foreign discourse systems, tell the Chinese story, spread the voice of China, thereby making the international community’s understanding and evaluation of China more realistic and objective.

Article Sixteen All-China Journalists Association shall promote the development of press and publication, emerging media and other related businesses, build news education bases, and carry out training, consulting services and business activities.

Article Seventeen All-China Journalists Association shall contact local journalists associations and national news groups to provide guidance and services, managing the organizations headed by the Association, conduct guidance for local news ethics committees and other professional committees related to journalism.

Chapter Ⅲ Membership

Article Eighteen All-China Journalists Association implements group membership. Any national media outlet, journalists association from provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, or Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, news organization, or major news education and research institution, which accepts this Constitution and pay regular membership dues on behalf of its member units and employees may apply for membership to All-China Journalists Association.

Article Nineteen Applicants shall be approved by the Secretariat and reported to the Presidents’ Meeting for approval. Members must report in writing to the Association when they voluntarily withdraw from the Association. If the member violates the law or this Constitution, the case shall be reviewed by the Secretariat and reported to the Presidents’ Meeting to cancel its membership.

Article Twenty Members’ rights and obligations include:

1. To recommend members.

2. To participate in activities.

3. To comply with this Constitution, implement resolutions of this Council, and accept the tasks entrusted by the Council.

4. To advise, criticize and supervise the work of the Association.

5. To pay membership dues on time.

Chapter Ⅳ Organization

Article Twenty-one The highest leading body of the Association is the National Council of All-China Journalists Association. Its responsibilities include:

1. To authorize guidelines and tasks of the Association.

2. To listen to and deliberate on the work report of the Standing Council.

3. To make or revise this Constitution.

4. To select members of the Standing Council.

The National Council is composed of members and guest members, who have the right to vote and to be elected to a five-year term. Plenary Sessions can be held by the Standing Council within its term as needed.

Article Twenty-two The Standing Council shall elect a president, a standing vice-president and a number of vice-presidents, as well as a number of secretaries to form the Secretariat. The Secretariat is the office of the Standing Council, responsible for the routine work of the Association, while the Presidents’ Meeting or the Standing Council is responsible for major issues. Secretariat Meetings are chaired by certain secretaries. Secretaries shall be standing members at the same time, and their responsibilities shall be authorized by Secretariat Meetings.

The Standing Council shall authorize and recommend the honorary president as needed.

Article Twenty-three During the inter-sessions of the Council, the Standing Council shall be responsible for the implementation of the Council’s resolutions. The Standing Council Meetings shall be chaired by the president or the vice-president entrusted by the president and be held once a year to listen to and deliberate on the work report of the Secretariat.

Article Twenty-four When the president or vice-president is absent, it shall be supplemented through an election by the Standing Council. When a standing member needs to be replaced or supplemented, the unit which recommended the standing member or the unit in need of a supplement shall recommend a candidate. Upon the approval of the President’s Meeting, the Standing Council shall confirm the new standing member and remove the former standing member. When a member is absent or transferred away from the unit which recommended the member, the unit shall recommend a candidate. The Secretariat shall confirm the member and remove the former member.

Chapter Ⅴ Funds of ACJA

Article Twenty-five Funds of All-China Journalists Association shall be from:

1. Membership fees.

2. Governmental appropriations and subsidies.

3. Income from events organized by All-China Journalists Association.

4. Donations from home and abroad.

5. Other funds. 

Chapter Ⅵ Supplementary Provisions

Article Twenty-Six The Association’s English name is ALL-CHINA JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION (ACJA).

Article Twenty-Eleven The Standing Council of All-China Journalists Association reserves the right of interpretation of this Constitution.