Commentary: Further media cooperation crucial for BRICS

Xinhua| 2020-12-01 09:32:11|Editor: Wang Xiaoyu
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BEIJING, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- The heads of five leading news organizations from BRICS countries jointly decided on Monday to push ahead with post-pandemic exchanges and cooperation, reaching agreement at a presidium meeting held via video link.

The pledge by the leading BRICS media outlets was natural, as they and others like them have demonstrated through their stories the tough battle against the pandemic and the mutual support between BRICS countries and their people.

As the chroniclers of the vicissitudes of the times, promoters of social progress and lookouts on the voyaging ship of history, BRICS media outlets should be more active in facilitating cooperation, especially in times of crisis such as the pandemic.

Despite the geographical distance between them and the challenges brought by the pandemic, BRICS media organizations need to adapt to the new conditions and convey the voice of objectivity and rationality.

Through their work, they can help enhance people-to-people understanding and support between their countries.

As it enters its second decade, BRICS cooperation has borne rich fruit, which cannot be achieved without the contribution of the media in the five countries.

Not long ago, leaders of the five countries discussed cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, exchanged views on the current international situation and reached broad-based consensus at the 12th BRICS summit, which was held via video link.

For BRICS media organizations, it is time to focus on telling the story of the inspiring spirit of developing countries and urging a more just and equitable international order at a time of global challenges.

BRICS media outlets shall stand on the right side of history and make the voice of developing countries heard.

Some Western countries and media outlets frequently distort or smear developing countries, leaving the world with protectionism, headwinds against globalization, and the Cold War mentality.

Under such circumstances, BRICS media outlets bear a special mission: to proactively show the BRICS commitment to multilateralism, and to better safeguard and intensify the international right of speech among developing countries.

Together, BRICS media organizations are ready to fulfill that mission.

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