Responsible Broadcasting: Asian Broadcast Union discusses media amid the pandemic

CGTN| 2020-08-26 13:42:22|Editor: Wang Xiaoyu
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Broadcasters from six countries in Asia have agreed that the media have a responsibility to present the truth, reduce panic and debunk groundless claims during the pandemic. Six media executives took part in a video conference held by the Asian Broadcast Union. Our reporter Su Yuting has more.

The Asian Broadcast Union, or ABU, held a live video conference online on how to better serve the public during the pandemic and beyond.

Six media executives from China, Turkey, Australia, India, Japan and South Korea took part in the dialogue.

ABU Vice President Sun Yusheng said amid the challenges brought by the pandemic, delivering a responsible voice to the international community through objective and fair reports is the key to refuting groundless claims. Sun is also a member of the China Media Group's editorial board.

SUN YUSHENG Vice President, Asian Broadcast Union Editorial Board Member, China Media Group "I agree with you that information must be true, accurate, objective and fair. This is directly related to the survival of the entire media industry and our credibility. This is also our responsibility."

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the China Media Group has deployed more than 5,500 people in news collecting, editing and broadcasting. CMG also sent a news coverage team of 216 people to the frontline in Hubei. They comprehensively, deeply and continuously carried out interviews and reported on epidemic prevention and control efforts.

The CEO of India's public service broadcaster Prasar Bharati says it's very important to expose false information about the pandemic and present accurate information.

SHASHI SHEKHAR VEMPATI CEO, Prasar Bharati-India "In response to rumors, we are making sure that the information spreading is effectively and to make sure that the right information was delivered to the people. We have kept monitoring social media and digital website to see what kind of wrong information was circulating and to quickly speak to the experts and put on the right information."

The six speakers also shared their experiences in providing a variety of programs to educate children online, and keep people mentally and physically healthy during the crisis. They also emphasized the importance of the role of new media in covering the pandemic.

Participants also took questions from the moderator and the audience, and they agreed that the media should play a bigger role in deepening consensus and strengthening cooperation in the fight against the pandemic. Su Yuting, CGTN, Beijing.