CGTN Global Media Summit explores high-tech possibilities for media

CGTN| 2019-12-05 16:01:05|Editor: Wang Xiaoyu
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Around 300 professionals from around the world gathered in Beijing Wednesday to explore the theme of "Media vs Technology" at the third CGTN Global Media Summit.

They exchanged ideas and experiences on new possibilities as well as disruptions brought by technology to the media industry.

Summit participants focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G, with some tagging these latest technologies as "game changers" for the media industry.

The summit comes at a time when 5G-powered smart devices using AI and big data are being rolled out. These devices are pushing news content online at unprecedented speeds and a larger scope.

"Those technologies will allow people to consume [information] in a simple way. They get the information right away. Those are the success stories based on what the technologies can do," said Vipp Jaswal, head of international affairs at Fox News Channel.

Atul Aneja, an Indian journalist said that broad bandwidth and low latency of 5G technology has rapidly increased the production of customized news content and the entire news experience is becoming multidimensional in terms of print, audio and visual media.

Though technologies like 5G and AI were featured prominently in the discussions, the issue of how media organizations can cope with new challenges, such as dealing with fake news, was also hotly debated.

"I think it's a huge responsibility for the media houses to make sure that they reach audiences before the fake news reaches them," said Mazen Singer, chief strategy officer of NabdApp.

Reuters' Global Head of Video & Pictures John Pullman said he was concerned if journalists could keep up with the technology or not. "We have to be really prepared," he said.

Some also say more regulations should be applied in a faster-paced news world.

During the summit in Beijing, CGTN signed contracts with Amazon and Microsoft News in the areas of media streaming and network news platforms.