China Media Group releases coverage of National Day celebrations in Cantonese

CGTN| 2019-10-10 11:11:39|Editor: An Xueqing
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Beijing marked 70 years of New China with grand celebrations and a magnificent parade on Tuesday, October 1. Many people watched the festivities live on TV from the comfort of their homes. Now, a Cantonese version of the broadcast has been released.

Using 4K ultra-high-definition signals, China Media Group, the state radio and television broadcaster, brought live coverage of the various National Day events and performances to homes across the country.

A special Cantonese version of the celebrations was also produced for the tens of millions of people in the southern Chinese regions where the language is prevalent and shown in more than 80 cinemas.

"The sound effects and the clarity of the images cannot be matched by watching it on the TV at home. This is the first time I watched the military parade in Cantonese, my native dialect. I've never felt like this, very warmhearted. I want to thank CMG for making this so quickly," audience member Li Jianming told CGTN.

"The 4K footage is very high-def. The visual effects are better, clearer. It felt more mind-blowing. The Cantonese version is more comfortable for us, " Xie Yanyu, another audience member, said. The positive reception has also been making the theater operators very happy.

"The viewers love it very much, so all of our theaters are full. We plan to have it on more 4K screens," said manager of ZJFG theater management Da Jian.

The National Day screenings mark the first 4K ultra-HD broadcast to be shown in cinemas.