Communicate the voice of Shaanxi to the world

China Daily| 2019-06-28 16:09:49|Editor: An Xueqing
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Northwest China's Shaanxi province, whose provincial capital is Xi'an, has a profound historical and cultural foundation, superior natural resources, strong research and innovation capability, and countless mouthwatering specialties.

If you look away from the bustling cities and turn to its vast countryside, a more vivid and vibrant Shaanxi unfolds before your eyes.

To draw more attention to Shaanxi's agriculture and rural development, a media tour on "rural revitalization" was launched in Fufeng county, Shaanxi province, on June 18. The activity was co-hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial Office of Cyberspace Affairs Commission, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shaanxi Province, and the China Internet News Center (or

The event invited journalists from nearly 30 of China's major media agencies and brought together a high-quality and specialized team equipped with advanced new media devices such as high-definition cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles and VR devices.

Bao Yongneng, director of the provincial office of cyberspace affairs commission, said that Shaanxi had made remarkable accomplishments in poverty alleviation and leapfrog development in recent years. He hoped that the media group would go deep to the grassroots level, get close to the masses and spread the voice of Shaanxi rural revitalization to the world.

A dialogue focused on "rural revitalization" followed the launching ceremony. Officials, researchers and professors delivered keynote speeches and exchanged insightful thoughts on rural revitalization in a bid to offer better solutions and find paths for the innovative development of Shaanxi’s agriculture and countryside.

To fully exemplify the historic achievements made in Shaanxi's agriculture and rural development and vividly tell the great stories in rural revitalization, the media group will employ a variety of means including newspapers, TV, websites, apps, Weibo, WeChat, Toutiao, Douyin, H5 and live streaming, and release a series of content products such as articles, videos, aerial photos and profiles during the field interviews.

The media group started their tour from Fufeng and Fengxiang, two counties under the jurisdiction of Baoji, an important node city of the Guanzhong Plain city cluster. It will run from June to December, lasting for half a year.